BREAKthrough Science Days 2024

From April 22nd to 24th, the Institute of Structural Biology (IBS) of the CNRS in Grenoble welcomed 9 BREAKthrough PhD candidates for a fascinating 3-day science event. The doctoral candidates converged at the institute’s cutting-edge facilities to engage in thought-provoking discussions across diverse scientific disciplines.

The events program included presentations covering advanced imaging techniques, protein modelling, high-throughput screening strategies, and critical discussions on research integrity and ethics. Here is a taste of just some of the presentations delivered during the event:

  • Image processing and analysis of Atomic Force Microscopy data.
  • CryoEM and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) imaging presentations.
  • High throughput (HTS) and high content (HCS) screening strategies on purified targets or living cells.
  • AlphaFold and protein modelling.
  • Research integrity and ethics.
  • Quality and data management.

The presentations were all full of interesting and valuable information that, together with the breath-taking surroundings of the French Alps, gave the doctoral candidates fresh and inspiring perspectives on their ongoing research.  Thank you to the team at IBS for hosting this excellent event!